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Fluoride phases that contain the spin-1/2 4d9 Ag(II) ion have recently been predicted to have interesting or unusual magnetochemistry, owing to their structural similarity to the 3d9 Cu(II) cuprates and the covalence associated with this unusual oxidation state of silver. Here we present a comprehensive study of structure and magnetism in the layered Ag(II) fluoride Cs2AgF4, using magnetic susceptometry, inelastic neutron scattering techniques and both X-ray and neutron powder diffraction. We find that this material is well described as a two-dimensional ferromagnet, in sharp contrast to the high-T(C) cuprates and a previous report in the literature. Analyses of the structural data show that Cs2AgF4 is orbitally ordered at all temperatures of measurement. Therefore, we suggest that orbital ordering may be the origin of the ferromagnetism we observe in this material.

Original publication




Journal article


Nat Mater

Publication Date





561 - 566