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Numbers of copia transcripts in testes of files from five Drosophila melanogaster lines were compared by means of Northern blot hybridization. Four of these lines were closely related differing only by transposition rates and the number of copia sites in the genome. The fifth line, which was not related to the others, was characterized by lack of transpositions and the lowest copia copy number. Positive correlation between total copia transcript level and its copy number and transposition rate was observed. Therefore, transcription rate of copia retrotransposon in tests is largely controlled by the level of its transcription, which, in turn, is regulated by the number of retrotransposon copies in the genome. These data contradict the hypothesis on self-regulation of retrotransposon copy number in the genome.


Journal article



Publication Date





442 - 445


Animals, Blotting, Northern, Drosophila melanogaster, Genome, RNA, Messenger, Retroelements, Species Specificity