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We previously demonstrated that a critical 35 bp region 3' of the AAUAAA is required for rabbit beta-globin mRNA 3' end formation. Recently, we synthesized and tested sequence elements derived from this region. Here, we report that a GU-rich and a U-rich sequence element are both required for efficient rabbit beta-globin mRNA 3' end formation. The efficiency of processing is restored to the wild-type level when the two elements are placed together and is greatly diminished when only one element is present. The level of 3' end formation is also decreased when the distance between the two elements is expanded. These results demonstrate that the GU-rich and U-rich elements function synergistically to restore efficient mRNA 3' end formation and that they most likely form a single requisite sequence 3' of the AAUAAA. Furthermore, we show that the effect of the GU-rich and U-rich sequence elements is position-dependent.


Journal article



Publication Date





399 - 406


Animals, Base Sequence, Cloning, Molecular, DNA, Genes, Globins, HeLa Cells, Humans, Plasmids, RNA, Messenger, Rabbits