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A cDNA clone (pTag1436) carrying a complete coding sequence for a γ-gliadin polypeptide has been identified and sequenced. By hybridisation to size fractionated poly A(+) RNA from wheat nullisomic-tetrasomic lines, homologous transcripts from the Gli-A1, Gli-B1 and Gli-D1 loci were identified. These mRNAs differed from those complementary to a low molecular weight (LMW) glutenin cDNA clone. Hybridization of pTag1436 to digested wheat DNA produced a pattern of fragments unrelated to that obtained using a LMW glutenin cDNA probe. These results indicate that the γ-gliadin and LMW glutenin families, although both located at the Gli-1 loci, are distinct by hybridisation.

Original publication




Journal article


Theor Appl Genet

Publication Date





845 - 853