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The polypeptides specified by mRNAs hybridizing to several wheat storage protein cDNAs were determined by one-and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of hybrid-selected translation products. Some of the polypeptides could be assigned to chromosomes on the basis of results gained from two-dimensional fractionation of the in vitro translation products of poly A+ RNA from nullisomic-tetrasomic lines of wheat. cDNA clones belonging to different hybridization groups contained sequences related to different gliadin polypeptide types. In order to determine the chromosomal location and copy number of homologous sequences in the wheat genome, selected cDNA clones were hybridized to restriction endonucleasedigested wheat DNA. The cDNA clones hybridized to sequences derived either from the group 1 chromosomes (γ-3 gliadin and pTag 544 type) or from the group 6 chromosomes (α/β, pTag 53 type). The α/β type sequences are present in 25-35 copies per haploid genome and pTag 544 type sequences in 10-15 copies per haploid wheat genome. Partial sequencing of some of the cDNAs revealed low level homology between the different gliadin cross-hybridization groups, a high-molecular-weight glutenin cDNA sequence and a clone encoding the barley storage protein B-hordein. The significance of these findings is discussed with respect to the probable ancestral relations between wheat endosperm storage protein genes. © 1985 Springer-Verlag.

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MGG Molecular & General Genetics

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234 - 242