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The understanding individuals have about their epilepsy may influence the success with which that individual copes with his/her epilepsy. This paper presents the first evaluation of a video-assisted brief educational package for adults with mild learning disabilities and epilepsy ("Epilepsy and You"; Paul, 1996 21). Utilizing a deferred entry to treatment design to evaluate intervention effects eighteen subjects participated in the study. Their knowledge about epilepsy before and after training was assessed using a checklist of knowledge and the Epilepsy Knowledge Questionnaire-Revised for use with people with learning disabilities. Results demonstrated significant gains in knowledge which were durable over a short follow-up period (1 month). "Epilepsy and You" was found to be suitable for use with a wide range of individuals and subjects' opinions demonstrated they enjoyed taking part. This study is a preliminary investigation from which other research can develop. Therefore, criticisms and suggestions for further research have been made.

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Journal article



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492 - 499


Adult, Attitude to Health, Epilepsy, Female, Health Education, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, Learning Disorders, Male, Middle Aged, Prevalence, Severity of Illness Index, Teaching, Time Factors