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An updated list of numbers of phytophagous insects and mites associated with 28 British tree species or genera is presented, together with revised estimates of the abundance of the trees. Difficulties in assessing species-area relationships for insects on trees are discussed and a new relationship calculated. When a number of variables: Log tree abundance, time present in Britain, whether or not trees were evergreen or coniferous, taxonomic relatedness, tree height and leaf length were included in a stepwise multiple regression analysis of insect species richness, all but 'coniferousness' contributed significant F values. These variables accounted for 82% of the variation in insect species richness between British trees. When the regression analysis was repeated, but halted after the entry of the last significant F value, log abundance, time and evergreenness emerged as the best set of predictor variables for the numbers of insect species on British trees and accounted for 74% of the variation. -from Authors

Original publication




Journal article


Journal of Animal Ecology

Publication Date





455 - 478