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Verguts and Van Opstal [Verguts, T., & Van Opstal, F. (2008). A colorful walk, but is it on the mental number line? Reply to Cohen Kadosh, Tzelgov, and Henik, Cognition, 106, 558-563] cleverly explained the results of Cohen Kadosh, Tzelgov, and Henik [Cohen Kadosh, R., Tzelgov, J., & Henik, A. (2008). A synesthetic walk on the mental number line: The size effect, Cognition, 106, 548-557] as a result of different association strength between the size of a number and its color in synesthesia. Here we present three challenges to their alternative explanation, and support our original suggestion. © 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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564 - 567