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The goals of the Earth Biogenome Project-to sequence the genomes of all eukaryotic life on earth-are as daunting as they are ambitious. The Darwin Tree of Life Project was founded to demonstrate the credibility of these goals and to deliver at-scale genome sequences of unprecedented quality for a biogeographic region: the archipelago of islands that constitute Britain and Ireland. The Darwin Tree of Life Project is a collaboration between biodiversity organizations (museums, botanical gardens, and biodiversity institutes) and genomics institutes. Together, we have built a workflow that collects specimens from the field, robustly identifies them, performs sequencing, generates high-quality, curated assemblies, and releases these openly for the global community to use to build future science and conservation efforts.

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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

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assembly, biodiversity, genome, sequencing, Biodiversity, Biological Evolution, Eukaryota, Evolution, Molecular, Genome, Genomics, Phylogeny, Selection, Genetic, Sequence Analysis, DNA, Specimen Handling, Workflow