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The ability to routinely study eukaryotic ion channels in a synthetic lipid environment would have a major impact on our understanding of how different lipids influence ion channel function. Here, we describe a straightforward, detergent-free method for the in vitro reconstitution of eukaryotic ion channels and ionotropic receptors into droplet interface bilayers and measure their electrical activity at both the macroscopic and single-channel level. We explore the general applicability of this method by reconstitution of channels from a wide range of sources including recombinant cell lines and native tissues, as well as preparations that are difficult to study by conventional methods including erythrocytes and mitochondria.

Original publication




Journal article


J Am Chem Soc

Publication Date





9370 - 9375


Animals, Cell Line, Tumor, Electric Conductivity, Erythrocytes, Ion Channels, Lipid Bilayers, Mice, Mitochondria