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The characteristics of the group of species resembling Strobilanthes pentstemonoides (Nees) T. Anderson are discussed. The four species of this complex occurring in the Malesian region are defined and contrasted. S. pluriformis C. B. Clarke is lectotypified and S. murutorum J. R. I. Wood from Sarawak is described as new. A hitherto confused species from north east India is described as new under the name S. paniculiformis J. R. I. Wood. The common species of this complex in China, Vietnam and Thailand, hitherto treated under numerous different names is recognised as a single species, S. dimorphotrica Hance, with two subspecies. Subspecies dimorphotrica extends from eastern India through south China to Hainan and Taiwan islands while subspecies rex (C. B. Clarke) J. R. I. Wood is centred on Thailand but extends into four neighbouring countries. The new species are illustrated. © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 2006.


Journal article


Kew Bulletin

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5 - 16