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In July and August 1994, we surveyed two areas in the south of the Cordillera de Colán, Amazonas department, Peru, above the north bank of the rib Utcubamba. We found a high rate of deforestation, with trees being felled for timber, forest being cleared for the cultivation of cash crops, and elfin forest being burned for pasture. Most of the forest on the mountain range may have been cleared in 10 years. We recorded a number of important bird species, highlighting the significance of the area for the conservation of biodiversity; globally threatened birds included Peruvian Pigeon Columba oenops, Military Macaw Ara militaris and Royal Sunangel Heliangelus regalis. Elfin forest is under particular threat in the area, but probably still holds species such as Long-whiskered Owlet Xenoglaux loweryi. We recommend that a protected area containing areas of cloud-forest and elfin forest be established on the Cordillera de Colán.

Original publication




Journal article


Bird Conservation International

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181 - 195