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States with excitation energy > 15 MeV populated in the reaction 12C(16O, αγ)24Mg have been studied using a total energy γ-ray spectrometer for Elab(16O) between 40 and 67 MeV. A previously unknown state has been identified at 16.904 ± 0.003 MeV with Γγ/Γ=0.13±0.02, mean lifetime <10 fs, a predominant γ-decay branch to the yrast (8+) state at 11.86 MeV and possible un-natural parity. These measurements also show that all other states produced in this excitation energy region have Γγ/Γ less than 0.02. Possible points of correspondence between the observed properties of the 16.9 MeV level and the predictions of shell model calculations are noted. © 1986.

Original publication




Journal article


Physics Letters B

Publication Date





292 - 296