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The spectral shapes of high energy gamma rays emitted in the decay of excited Cu63, Kr76, and Cs127 compound nuclei are well reproduced by statistical model calculations which include a giant dipole resonance 1-1.5 MeV lower in energy than the ground-state giant dipole resonance. No evidence is found for a dependence of the giant dipole resonance strength function on spin. NUCLEAR REACTIONS C12+V51, Zn64, In115; O18+Sc45, Ni58, Ag109; Elab=42-60 MeV. Measured -ray spectra, E=6-25 MeV; compared with statistical model calculations including the GDR. Deduced EGDR, for excited state GDR decays. Deduced upper limits for spin dependence of GDR parameters. © 1983 The American Physical Society.

Original publication




Journal article


Physical Review C

Publication Date





2554 - 2557