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X-ray phase contrast nanotomography enables imaging of a wide range of samples with high spatial resolution in 3D. Near-field holography, as one of the major phase contrast techniques, is often implemented using X-ray optics such as Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors, waveguides and compound refractive lenses. However, these optics are often tailor-made for a specific beamline and challenging to implement and align. Here, we present a near-field holography setup based on Fresnel zone plates which is fast and easy to align and provides a smooth illumination and flat field. The imaging quality of different types of Fresnel zone plates is compared in terms of the flat-field quality, the achievable resolution and exposure efficiency i.e. the photons arriving at the detector. Overall, this setup is capable of imaging different types of samples at high spatial resolution of below 100 nm in 3D with access to the quantitative phase information.

Original publication




Journal article


Opt Express

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37514 - 37525