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Comparative and evolutionary analyses of metabolic networks have a wide range of applications, ranging from research into metabolic evolution through to practical applications in drug development, synthetic biology, and biodegradation. We present MAPPS: Metabolic network Analysis and Pathway Prediction Server (, a web-based tool to study functions and evolution of metabolic networks using traditional and 'omics data sets. MAPPS provides diverse functionalities including an interactive interface, graphical visualization of results, pathway prediction and network comparison, identification of potential drug targets, in silico metabolic engineering, host-microbe interactions, and ancestral network building. Importantly, MAPPS also allows users to upload custom data, thus enabling metabolic analyses on draft and custom genomes, and has an 'omics pipeline to filter pathway results, making it relevant in today's postgenomic era.

Original publication




Journal article


ACS Synth Biol

Publication Date





1069 - 1082


host−microbe interaction, in silico metabolic engineering, metabolic evolution, metabolic network, network comparison, pathway prediction, ‘omics pipeline