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Abstract Aurora kinases create phosphorylation gradients within the spindle during prometaphase and anaphase. These locally regulate factors that promote spindle organisation, chromosome condensation and movement, and cytokinesis. We show that one such factor is the kinesin KIF4A, which is present along the chromosome axes throughout mitosis and the central spindle in anaphase. These two pools of KIF4A depend on condensin I and PRC1, respectively. Previous work has shown KIF4A is activated by Aurora B at the anaphase central spindle. However, whether or not chromosome-associated KIF4A bound to condensin I is regulated by Aurora kinases remain unclear. To determine the roles of the two different pools of KIF4A, we generated specific point mutants that are unable to interact with either condensin I or PRC1, or are deficient for Aurora kinase regulation. By analysing these mutants, we show that Aurora kinases phosphorylate the condensin I dependent pool of KIF4A and thus actively promote chromosome congression from the spindle poles to the metaphase plate.

Original publication




Journal article


The Journal of Cell Biology


Rockefeller University Press

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