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Oxford is joint top recruiter to drug-resitant epilepsy study

Research Highlights Strategic Developments

The Oxford Epilepsy Research Group is at the forefront of some potentially ground-breaking work with patients who have drug-resistant epilepsy. Epilepsy affects over 50 million people worldwide and nearly one in three people with epilepsy are resistant to current drugs.

Advances made in understanding how eye movements are affected by medication in Parkinson's

Research Highlights

The Neurometrology Group has published findings from its OxQUIP study looking at how eye movements are affected by medication in Parkinson's.

How our brains remember things depends upon how we learn them

Research Highlights

Oxford University researchers have discovered that learnt knowledge is stored in different brain circuits depending on how we acquire it.

Dementias Platform UK 5 year celebration event

Events Research Highlights

At the five-year celebration event, scientists and health study volunteers from across the DPUK partnership came together to launch one of the world’s most in-depth study's into preclinical Alzheimer’s disease - one of the most important outcomes from DPUK's work to transform dementia research infrastructure in the UK.

Smartphone test predicts how symptoms develop in Parkinson’s

Research Highlights

Researchers from the Nuffield Dept of Clinical Neurosciences have found that a simple test carried out on a smartphone can help to predict future change in people in the early stages of Parkinson’s.

Close Monitoring Essential to Ensure Safety of Ketamine for Depression

Research Highlights

Patients, carers and advocates say better evidence is needed on the safety of ketamine for depression after long-term use, and that those prescribed it must be closely monitored.

Virtual Reality Could Transform Psychological Therapy in the NHS

Research Highlights Strategic Developments

A new clinical trial is testing a virtual reality (VR) based psychological therapy for people with severe mental health difficulties. gameChange is the largest ever clinical trial of virtual reality for a mental health disorder. Automated delivery of therapy using VR has potential to transform NHS provision of psychological therapy.

Clinical Guidelines for Antidepressant Dosage Must Reflect the Evidence

Research Highlights

New analysis shows the lower range of the licensed dose of the most commonly used second-generation antidepressants achieves the optimal balance between efficacy, tolerability and acceptability in the acute treatment of adults with major depression.

Cristal Health uses industrial scale data science to improve lives

Research Highlights Strategic Developments

New spinout enterprise from Oxford seeks to accelerate evidence based innovation for treatments and services in mental health and dementia.

Let’s talk about loneliness – the importance of social psychology

Public Engagement Research Highlights

his year’s focal point of Loneliness Awareness Week , 17th -21st June, is about reducing the stigma about loneliness. We’re using the opportunity to shine a light on some of the psychological research that can be utilised to help tackle loneliness.

BBC documentary on anxiety

Public Engagement Research Highlights

As part of its Mental Health Season, BBC 1 showed their documentary on anxiety presented by Great British Bake Off Winner, Nadiya Hussain. the show featured Professor of Experimental Psychology, David Clark, who discusses with Nadiya the various features of anxiety.

3-dimensional landscape of European data availability for Alzheimer’s disease research launched 3-dimensional landscape of European data availability for Alzheimer’s disease research launched

Research Highlights Strategic Developments

The ROADMAP project launches its Data Cube. The Cube offers a dynamic overview of the ‘landscape’ of data availability in Europe for Alzheimer’s disease research.

Risk of dementia after TIA or stroke

Research Highlights

Risk of dementia after stroke is a major concern for patients and carers. Reliable data on risk of dementia, particularly after TIA or minor stroke, are scarce.

Thomas Willis Day 2019

Events Research Highlights Strategic Developments

On 16 May the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences celebrated the work of the previous year, marking their successes in research, teaching and public engagement

‘Night-time Cat’ - a children’s book to support improved grammar understanding

Public Engagement Research Highlights

Postdoctoral research associate publishes a children's book that enables greater exposure to complex grammar structures at a young age, supporting children's long-term reading and learning development.

Queen of Pain on her Life Scientific

Public Engagement Research Highlights

The Head of NDCN Professor Irene Tracey talks to Radio 4's Jim Al-Khalili about imaging pain in the brain

Inside the Wade-Martins Lab for World Parkinson's Day

Events Public Engagement Research Highlights

We are raising awareness of Parkinson's Disease and related disorders with a unique video insight into the work of the Wade-Martins Group.

New insight uncovered into one of the most important features of hearing

Research Highlights

Dr Kerry Walker and her team help us to better understand how we perceive pitch, a feature of hearing critical to recognising communication through sound, such as speech and music.

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