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Professor Zoltán Molnár delivers the first Keynote Lecture at the 116th Annual Meeting of the Anatomische Gesellschaft, which this year is held as a Joint Meeting with the Anatomical Society for the first time.

The Joint Meeting of Anatomische Gesellschaft and the Anatomical Society held at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin between 20-23 September 2022 is the first conference of its kind between the two anatomical societies. 

Professor Zoltán Molnár delivered the Meeting's first Keynote Lecture on Wednesday 21 September 2022. His talk 'Neurons of Development in the Adult Brain' covered the topics of 'Assembling neuronal networks during development' and 'Excitation and inhibition in cortical circuits'.

Professor Molnár has prior links with Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, having been awarded an Einstein Visiting Fellowship to Charité - University Medicine, Berlin from 2020 - 2024. This award sees him join the dynamic Oxford | Berlin collaboration, a strategic research partnership supporting high quality joint research initiatives across all disciplines of its member institutions, of which Neuroscience is a major focus. Together with Britta Eickholt's research group at the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence, Prof Molnár is taking a close look at the early development of the brain and its complex circuits. More information can be found on the Einstein Foundation's website. These links are further strengthened by the Oxford–Berlin Research Partnership, which aims to inspire the next generation of the best and most talented researchers in Europe.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between The Anatomical Society (AS) and The Anatomische Gesellschaft (AG) was signed in September 2020, representing a collaboration to promote anatomy and scientific discourse through encouragement of reciprocal attendance of each organisation's members at Scientific meetings, Symposia and Joint AS/AG Scientific meetings. A joint AS/AG scientific meeting will be held every two years commencing 2022 in Berlin. This year's inaugural Joint Meeting was organised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Ochs (Institut für Funktionelle Anatomie), Prof. Dr. Imre Vida (Institut für Integrative Neuroanatomie), and Prof. Dr. Victor Tarabykin (Institut für Zell- und Neurobiologie).

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