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Researchers across the Oxford Neuroscience community have been awarded prestigious Wellcome Trust Fellowships.

Left to Right:

Congratulations to Experimental Psychology’s Cathy Manning on being awarded a Henry Wellcome Fellowship to continue her work on perceptual processing in autism with Gaia Scerif.

Manuel Spitschan from the University of Pennsylvania has been awarded a Henry Wellcome Fellowship to join Hannah Smithson in Experimental Psychology working on the melanopsin receptor.

Adam Packer from UCL has been awarded a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship to start his laboratory in DPAG.

James Kolasinski from NDCN has been awarded a Henry Wellcome Fellowship, which will be based at CUBRIC in Cardiff.   This will involve collaborations with Oxford and Yale and will focus on 7T fMRI, human electrophysiology, and ultrasound tactile stimulation to investigate the cross-talk between motor and somatosensory cortex that supports dexterity.