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A number of researchers from our Neuroscience community have been recognized in the latest round.

The Teaching Excellence Awards scheme recognises and rewards excellence in teaching, supervision, the organisation and development of teaching, and support for teaching and learning, within a research-intensive environment. Additionally, project funding is available for discrete projects to enhance students’ education and for other educational priorities.


Associate Professor Jeremy Taylor  in recognition of his outstanding work and contribution to the development of the preclinical medicine course, and for a lifetime dedicated to the education of generations of medical students. 

“He stood out because of his breadth of knowledge of the course and his adaption of modern teaching methods whilst challenging the students and keeping standards at the very highest level” [Senior Academic].


Dr Dejan Draschkow - Department of Experimental Psychology


Dr Damion Young and Mr Jon Mason (MSD Learning Technologies Team) – Medical Sciences Division


Dr Dejan Draschkow (R & PsychoPy Hackathon: Interactive hands-on workshop on statistical and experimental programming) – This award will enable a day-long cooperative workshop (or Hackathon), drawing together an entire cohort of Experimental Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics students, to enable them to learn to use experimental and statistical programming and to analyse and interpret actual empirical data, and develop these essential skills needed for modern academic and industrial career paths.

Visit the 2021 awardees section for a full list of the awardees