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Congratulations to Alexander Hayes and Lily Watson for their success in this year's competition.

The Sir Roger Bannister Prize competition rewards undergraduate medical students who excel in the study of neuroscience. Sir Roger, as well as being known for completing a mile run under four minutes, was also a neurologist. His academic work was mostly concerned with the autonomic nervous systemcardiovascular physiology, and multiple system atrophy.

The prize is held annually in memory of Sir Roger's lifetime of work. This year saw six sixth-year medical students who had excelled in the study of neurosciences in their fifth year compete in viva voce interviews with an independent panel. The viva focused partly on Sir Roger's work, and partly on a clinical assessment of a patient with arm weakness. This year's judges were Dr Lucy Matthews and Dr Ursula Schulz.

The winner was Alexander Hayes (Keble), with Lily Watson (Jesus) as proxime accessit. Alexander commented: 'Thanks so much to everyone at NDCN. I found the viva challenging but enjoyable and was delighted to find out about the prize!'. Lily said: 'It was a real privilege to take part in this viva. The legacy of Sir Roger and his lifetime dedication to neurology is a constant inspiration, teaching all medical students to aim for the stars.'