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An exhibition featuring Oxford’s Peter Oliver has been selected by The British Council to been shown in South Korea as part of part of UK/Korea 2017–18.

Silent Signal is an ambitious group exhibition that brings six artists working with animation together with six leading biomedical scientists, to create experimental animated artworks exploring new ways of thinking about the human body. Devised and produced by Animate Projects in collaboration with scientist Bentley Crudgington the project is supported by a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award and the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Silent Signal takes you on a journey: starting at the microcosm of the internal landscapes of our cells, through the personal experiences and opinions of individuals and scientists, to the application of the research in the wider world.  

As part of this, Peter Oliver from Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics worked with artist Ellie Land on the visuals and sound for a project called Sleepless that explores how the latest developments in circadian biology research are uncovering the detrimental effects that a lack of sleep can have to our well-being.

The completed films have been shown all around the UK as well as animation festivals in the rest of Europe and the USA. Silent Signal has most recently been selected by The British Council to been shown in South Korea as part of a science and arts event in Deajeon.

The process of working with Peter is going really well, because the discussions are explorative and questioning. I find this stimulating and fruitful as the process is not restricted by the final output - Ellie Lund, Artist