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Image courtesy of Owen Egan

Since 2013 the University of Oxford has enjoyed a successful collaboration with McGill University in Canada and the Zentrum Fur Neurowissenschaften (ZNZ), Zurich (a partnership of neuroscience groups in Zurich University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).  On the 29th May this partnership was renewed, for a further 5 years, at a ceremony in Montreal


The three way partnership, which developed from an existing partnership between Oxford and McGill, has provided funding for workshops and small collaborative projects. In the past three years it has supported 14 joint projects to the tune of over £200,000.


The new partnership will focus its resources on the three institutes shared neuroscience research areas which include: Neurodegeneration/Healthy Ageing, Neuroinflammation/Multiple sclerosis, Sleep/Circadian Rhythms, Brain Networks/Neural circuits and Big data. The next funding round is expected to be launched later this year.

The remarkable success of the partnership stems from the bringing together of world-leading institutes that share a deep appreciation for bringing the best of fundamental science and experimental research to the benefit of society. We are excited by the opportunities that the new agreement brings to build on our achievements to address some of the most challenging health issues facing Europe and the world today, and to promote open science and the development of future leaders in neuroscience
- Prof Kia Nobre

At the launch ceremony Kia Nobre, Head of Oxford Neuroscience, signed the agreement on behalf of the Oxford Neuroscience community.  The event also included scientific talks by leading neuroscience figures from the three centres including our very own Clare Mackay.

The next funding round opens on the first of July.


Generous travel awards are also available to both McGill and ZNZ