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The Department of Pharmacology is delighted to confirm that Professor Antony Galione, Chair of Pharmacology, has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society. Professor Galione is one of 52 new fellows joining the Royal Society in 2016. The work for which he has been recognised was carried out entirely in the Department.
Speaking after the announcement from the Royal Society, Professor Galione said, “I am delighted that the field of calcium signalling by pyridine nucleotide derived messengers has been recognised by the Royal Society, and the field of pharmacology in general. I am grateful to David Smith for taking a chance on a young 27-year-old and appointing me to the Department in 1991. All the work recognised here was carried out in the Department and I cannot think of a better scientific environment and colleagues with which to work. I am grateful to all my colleagues in my laboratory over the years, and key collaborators in the Department, since this recognition is shared with them.”
Professor Nigel Emptage, Head of Department, said, “To be elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society is a marvelous accolade and a significant milestone in the career of any scientist. However, as I reflect on Antony’s success I cannot help but feel that recognition is deserved in one further respect; Antony has achieved this honour while working both as a scientist and an educator, having taught for both Department and College throughout his entire Oxford career. I am proud to be able to say that Antony is a member of the Pharmacology Department.”