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Photo credit: John Cairns/University of Oxford

Researchers from across our Community have once again put on an excellent programme of events for the IF Oxford Science and Ideas Festival.  Just some of the excellent displays and activities are listed below.

 At the Weston Library on the 18th October, a large team from Physiology Anatomy and Genetics together with the advance imaging unit Micron provided an interactive research experience "Mice, chicks, fish and me!”


Photo credit: John Cairns/University of Oxford

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Later at the Blackbird Leys Community Centre on the 28th October Julia Badger, Lucy Bowes and Aitor Rovira from the Oxford Risk and Resilience, Genes and Environment Research group showed how virtual reality (VR) is used in research to help build confidence and reduce stress in young people. 


VR scenario by Aitor Rovira

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