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A unique programme for local school pupils from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds to support their progress into STEM careers

We are pleased to announce that we have been partnering with in2scienceUK to develop a unique programme for local school pupils to support their progress into university degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

in2scienceUK is an award-winning charity that inspires and supports secondary-school pupils from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds by giving them opportunities to work alongside scientists, and to receive the advice and information they need to successfully progress to university and STEM careers. Since its foundation in 2010, in2scienceUK has worked in and around central London to empower hundreds of young people to realise their ambitions in education and working in the STEM sector.

The pupils enrol on a 2-week programme (non-residential) during which are given:

  • Personalised mentoring from scientists
  • Opportunities to gain a wide variety of practical experiences as well as exposure to key concepts and challenges in research
  • Integrated workshops with in2scienceUK, where the pupils receive guidance on university applications, wider information about STEM careers, and training in transferable skills.

Oxfords partnership with in2ScienceUK has been championed by Peter Magill, working closely with Rebecca McKelvey (Founder and Director of in2science UK) and the first few placements were hosted by the MRC BNDU in 2016.  Having shown how successful the scheme was, Peter persuaded the Neuroscience Committee to fund 3 placements in 2017.  This provided leverage to secure an additional 27 places. To promote the scheme, in2science UK were given a complementary trade stand at the Neuroscience Symposium in March which attracted much interest.

Over the summer 30 young people benefitted from placements in 9 university departments spanning 2 Divisions across the University. Over 50 % of the placements were in the area of Neuroscience including the MRC BNDU, the WT Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging, FMRIB, NDCN, Physiology Anatomy and Genetics and Pharmacology.

The scheme was a great success and the contribution of the organisers, students and mentors was celebrated at a lunch at Trinity College on August 3rd. Our aspiration is to expand the scheme to 100 placements next year.

I'm moved by the dynamism of Rebecca McKelvey linking young talent with Oxford science
- Kia Nobre, Chair Oxford Neuroscience Committee

I cannot speak highly enough of the placement scheme and the in2scienceUK team

- Peter Magill - MRC BNDU