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Christopher Kennard was presented with the Betty and David Koetser Foundation for Brain Research 2015 award following his lecture at the Centre for Neurosciences Zurich (ZNZ) annual symposium on Friday 11th September.  Chris is Head of NDCN and Chair of the Neuroscience Strategic Oversight Committee (NSOC). The award recognises many years of world leading research, by Chris and his team, into central disorders of vision and the cognitive control of saccadic eye movements in health and disease. 

The programme of this year’s ZNZ symposium included talks by a high level delegation from across the Oxford Neuroscience community including Christopher Kennard (representing NSOC and NDCN), Glyn Humphreys (Exp Psy), Noel Buckley (Psychiatry) and Andrew King (representing DPAG and Pharmacology)

The Oxford McGill ZNZ Partnership in the Neurosciences provides small awards to support pilot projects and workshops involving researchers at two or more of the partner institutions. The next funding round will be launched later this month.