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Colin Blakemore, Elaine Snell and Irene Tracey

The British Neuroscience Association Festival of neuroscience is one of the leading Neuroscience meetings in the UK.

This year Oxford Neuroscience were proud to be Silver Level sponsors and in particular supported the symposium 'MRI at 7 Tesla: new capabilities and insights'. Across the week all our key Neuroscience departments were well represented by presenters at all career levels. Masud Husain gave the first plenary lecture 'Reward and effort-based decision making'. Other speakers included Anna Mitchell, Gerry Dawson, George Tofaris, Kia Nobre, Heidi Johansen-Berg, Diane Newbury, Sana Suri, Sarosh Irani, Charlotte Stagg, Robin Dunbar, Zahid Padamsey and Paul Bolam. BNA council member Irene Tracey took part in a Discussion forum 'Brain research, ethics, policy and society', convened by the International Neuroethics Society (INS), along with Colin Blakemore and  INS Acting Chief Operating Officer Elaine Snell.