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Record triple distinctions for MRC BNDU members at FENS Forum 2016

Associate Unit member Professor Paul Bolam has been named the 2016 Dana/EDAB Neuroscience Outreach Champion and has thus received The David and Hillie Mahoney Award for an Individual’s Contribution to Outreach. This unique Award is given every 2 years to reward an individual who has significantly contributed to the promotion of brain awareness through continued public outreach efforts.

In addition

Dr David Dupret has been elected a 2016-2020 Scholar of the FENS-KAVLI Network of Excellence. Membership of the Network of Excellence is awarded to a handful of independent early-career neuroscientists every 2 years, and is reserved for those considered to be the most talented researchers among their peers.


Dr Linda Katona has been awarded the FENS-KAVLI Network of Excellence Ph.D. Thesis Prize for 2016. The Prize is awarded every second year, after an open competition held across Europe, to a single neuroscientist for his/her outstanding doctoral thesis in any domain of neuroscience.

Professor Peter Brown commented “These three distinctions are so well deserved and, taken together, are a clear reflection of the wealth of exemplary talent and career support present at all levels of the Unit. Surely, a record haul and ‘hat trick’ for any single institution!”