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Professor Masud Husain introduced by Professor Cornelia van Duijn

Links between rare & common neurodeg. diseases

Professor Frances Platt, introduced by Associate Professor Annina Schmid

Vascular and systemic factors in dementia and delirium risk

Professor Sarah T Pendlebury Introduced by Professor Masud Husain

Developments in Dementia Translation

Professor John Gallacher Introduced by Professor Masud Husain

The role of insulin resistance in dementia

Doctor Ivan Koychev introduced Professor Masud Husain

The Oxford Brain Health Centre - description and pilot data

Professor Clare Mackay. Introduced by Professor Cornelia van Duijn

Understanding tau and Abeta biology in health and disease

Professor Richard Wade-Martins. Introduced by Professor Cornelia van Duijn

Bridging Between Basic, Clinical & Population, Dementia Research

Professor Cornelia Van Duijn. Introduced by Professor Masud Husain

DRO session at the Oxford Autumn School in Neuroscience 2021

Featuring Prof Noel Buckley, Dr Sana Suri, Dr Sally Cowley, Assoc Prof Gwenaëlle Douaud

Great Minds event: dementia screening and risk factors: Dementias Platform UK

Topics include screening for dementia and the 'facts and fiction' around dementia prevention.

Dissecting the aetiology of Parkinson's disease and related Lewy body dementias

Associate Professor Laura Parkkinen. Introduced by Professor Cornelia van Duijn

Plenary 1: Randomized Trials: Lessons and Opportunities for Dementia

Plenary 2: From Biomarkers to Precision Medicine in Alzheimer's Disease

Plenary 3 Trial Ready Populations for Dementia Research

Plenary 4: The UK Biobank: Opportunities for Dementia

Plenary 5: From Genes to Translation and Trials

Round Table 1 New Paradigms in Clinical Trials for Dementia