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The Cortex Club are recruiting for next academic year! Elections will take place online via Zoom on the 7th May at 4pm, and the new committee will be operative starting from Michaelmas 2020.

In order to participate to the elections meeting (even just for voting), please register to the Zoom link here by the 7th May 12pm noon.

Only Oxford email addresses will be enabled to participate to the zoom meeting, and the elections will happen with the in-built anonymised poll system.

See below for the open positions. These are only indicative and you can do more (or less) as long as the committee works smoothly! If interested, you would of course have a chance to host a speaker, organise an event important to you or suggest speakers!

If you are interested in running for a position, please apply by the 6th May 11:59 pm




The positions will be elected in the order shown below. In any case, if one candidate does not get elected for one position, they can in any case run for another position.

Open positions:

· President and Vice-President (can act as co-presidents – joint candidatures accepted)
· Secretary
· Communications Officer
· Treasurer
· IT Officer
· Social Secretaries (x3)
· Undergrad Rep

President and Vice-President (can act as co-presidents – joint candidatures accepted) (University student status required)

Their most important role is to take the organisational lead of the club. They chair monthly committee meeting, liaise with the various neuroscience institutes and scientific societies for collaborations, and have the last responsibility in scheduling, budgeting, and hosting events. Presidency is the role which requires the highest level of commitment in the committee (expect a day off work on a day with a guest speaker if you host them!) but with some good organisation and by delegating and sharing the workload, it is completely manageable and a great opportunity to shape the Neuroscience community in Oxford.

Secretary (University student status required)

The Secretary is responsible for registering the club with the Proctors’ Office every academic year. They also organise Committee and General meetings, while preparing the necessary agenda and minutes. The position holder must ensure that the activities of the club are in

compliance with the club Constitution. They are required to dedicate approx. 1 hour per week to these activities.

Communications Officer 

The communications Officer is responsible for maintaining the Cortex Club mailing list, designing posters and advertisements for events and advertising events through mailing list and social media. They are required to dedicate approx. 2 hours per week to these activities.

Treasurer (University student status required)

The role of the treasurer is to deal with the Club's finances. This includes handling of incoming sponsorship (not fundraising per se), checking and signing expense claim forms and termly reports for the University's proctors. The workload is approx. 1h per week + additional time to create an organised and accurate account budget spreadsheet each term.

IT Officer

The IT officer keeps the website up-to-date. This mostly includes adding upcoming events, updating the 'past speakers' list, and anything else that needs changing. The IT officer also keeps an eye on the Cortex Club's e-mail account, keeping count of sign-ups for events and answering questions from our members. The workload is approx. 1h per week.

Social Secretaries (x3)

The social secretaries are responsible for preparing the Club's social events. The role involves booking the pub for the after-talk dinners, acquiring everything needed for the large events beforehand, setting everything up and be there during the events to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The workload is around 1h per event, except for bigger events (1-2 per term) that the workload is around 3-4 hours.

Undergrad Rep (requires to be an undergraduate student in the 2020-21 year)

The Undergrad Rep main role is to get the undergraduate community (doing any course) involved on Cortex Club events. It includes disseminating information and advertising our events. This position would also involve helping to organise some events each term.

If you have any further questions, please email