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Peter Somogyi

Professor of Neurobiology


Peter Somogyi graduated in biology and received his Ph.D. in cell biology at the Eötvös Lorànd University, Budapest, Hungary. His research training included neurocytology with Istvan Benedeczky and neuroanatomy with Janos Szentagothai at the Semmelweis Medical School, Budapest, biochemistry with A. David Smith and Ian Chubb at the University of Oxford, and immunocytochemistry with Claudio Cuello at Oxford and a postdoctoral fellowship with Ian Chubb at Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia. He has been training research students since 1978. In 1985 he was invited to become Associate, later Co-Director of the Medical Research Council Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit at the University Department of Pharmacology, Oxford. He became Director from October 1998.


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