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Jean Christensen


Project Manager OXTEXT Group

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I am the project manager for the OXTEXT research programme, which is an NIHR funded programme to develop and evaluate the True Colours self-monitoring system for patients with mental health disorders.  The next stage of this research will involve rolling the system out across adult Community Mental Health Teams in Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.  The evaluation of this trial will involve using routinely gathered Trust data, including Health of the Nation Outcome Scores (HoNOS).

The True Colours system facilitates better self-management of symptoms through gaining better understanding, and therefore control, of factors that can have a negative impact on mental health conditions.  The roll-out across the Trust will assess the broader application of the system in community services and whether this delivers improved health outcomes for patients in a way that makes best use of NHS resources.

This research links well with previous research that I have undertaken for my PhD which focused on measuring the effectiveness of health visiting outcomes by modifying a standardised and structured nursing language from the USA and adapting it for use in computerised information systems in the UK.  This was an action research project which spanned two NHS trusts.  I also have experience in developing national standards for NHS services as I was responsible for the development of the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services in Wales and implementation of the Concordat between Bodies Inspecting, Regulating and Auditing Health and Social Care in Wales.

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