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Jan Schnupp

DPhil (Physiology), BSc (Genetics), BA (Mathematical Sciences)

Professor of Neuroscience


Dr. Jan Schnupp obtained a BSc in Genetics from UCL in 1990 and a DPhil in Physiology from Oxford in 1996. In the past he held a Junior Research Fellowship at Christ Church, and a visiting fellowship at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He now holds a University lectureship in Neuroscience and a Tutorial Fellowship at St Peter's College. He co-directs the Oxford Auditory Neuroscience group, together with Prof Andrew King. His main research interest concerns how auditory information is represented and processed in the auditory cortex.

For further information see:

Also, visit our auditory neuroscience web site for multi-media content on eh onderful world of hearing, my primary research interest.

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