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Contingencias como Modelos de Causalidad en Psicopatología

Journal article

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Overburdening associations: The dependency of psychopathy- related acquisitional learning deficits on processing load

Journal article

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A Model of Agential Learning Using Active Inference

Conference paper

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No Impaired Integration in Psychopathy: Evidence from an Illusory Conjunction Paradigm

Journal article

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Functional neuroanatomical correlates of contingency judgement.

Journal article

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Paradoxical choice and the reinforcing value of information

Journal article

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Characterising the unity and diversity of executive functions in a within-subject fMRI study

Journal article

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The role of emotional interference on learning in an emotional probabilistic Go/No-Go task

Journal article

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More frequent, shorter trials enhance acquisition in a training session: There is a free lunch!

Journal article

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Traits for depression related to agentic and external control

Journal article

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Paradoxical choice in rats: Subjective valuation and mechanism of choice.

Journal article

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Human latent inhibition: Problems with the stimulus exposure effect

Journal article

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Individual differences are more than a gene × environment interaction: The role of learning

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Anterior Temporal Lobe Tracks the Formation of Prejudice.

Journal article

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Journal article

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High trait anxiety during adolescence interferes with discriminatory context learning.

Journal article

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