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Fifty years on: Serotonin and depression

Journal article

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Stimulating human prefrontal cortex increases reward learning.

Journal article

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Setting national research priorities for Difficult-to-Treat Depression in the UK between 2021-2026

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What Can Reinforcement Learning Models of Dopamine and Serotonin Tell Us about the Action of Antidepressants?

Journal article

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Dynamic modulation of inequality aversion in human interpersonal negotiations.

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Emotional cognition in depression: Is it relevant for Clinical practice?

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A Computational View on the Nature of Reward and Value in Anhedonia

Journal article

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When Helping Is Risky: The Behavioral and Neurobiological Trade-off of Social and Risk Preferences.

Journal article

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Measuring Mood Instability Using a Generative Model of Affect

Conference paper

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