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Objective: To explore the associations between age at menarche and diabetes in adult women. Methods: We analyzed the baseline data of 32 364 female participants who were aged 30-79 years and had been enrolled into China Kadoorie Biobank (CKB) study from Tongxiang, Zhejiang province. Multiple logistic regression analysis were used to investigate the putative associations after adjusting for potential confounders. Variables of menarche age and others were added to the logistic regression model to evaluate the multiplicative interaction, respectively. Results: The mean age of female participants was (51.42 ± 9.63) years. And 3.73% and 24.17% of them reported their menarche age, ≤12 years, ≥17 years, respectively. The prevalence of diabetes among them was 5.75%. Compared with those with menarche age ≤12 years, the OR(95%CI) of 15-16, 13-14 and ≤12 years group were 1.13(1.00-1.27), 1.29(1.12-1.49) and 1.68(1.31-2.15) after adjusting for age, socioeconomic status, family history, health behaviors, menopause status, BMI and waist circumference. No significant differences were found in multiplicative interaction on diabetes between menarche age and smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, obesity, etc. (P>0.05). Conclusions: Menarche age is associated with higher risk of diabetes in female adults. The earlier menarche age is the higher risk of diabetes. There are no multiplicative interaction on diabetes between menarche age and other adults factors.


Journal article


Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi

Publication Date





1361 - 1365


Adult, China, Diabetes Mellitus, Female, Health Behavior, Humans, Menarche, Middle Aged, Obesity, Prevalence, Risk Factors, Smoking, Waist Circumference