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We report the synthesis and reactivity of 4-fluorosydnones, a unique class of mesoionic dipoles displaying exquisite reactivity towards both copper-catalyzed and strain-promoted cycloaddition reactions with alkynes. Synthetic access to these new mesoionic compounds was granted by electrophilic fluorination of σ-sydnone Pd(II) precursors in the presence of Selectfluor. Their reactions with terminal and cyclic alkynes were found to proceed very rapidly and selectively, affording 5-fluoro-1,4-pyrazoles with bimolecular rate constants up to 10(4)  m(-1)  s(-1) , surpassing those documented in the literature with cycloalkynes. Kinetic studies were carried out to unravel the mechanism of the reaction, and the value of 4-fluorosydnones was further highlighted by successful radiolabeling with [(18) F]Selectfluor.

Original publication




Journal article


Angew Chem Int Ed Engl

Publication Date





12073 - 12077


click chemistry, electrophilic fluorination, fluorine-18, kinetics, radiolabeling