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OBJECTIVE: The goal of this paper is to create a large wireless powering arena for powering small devices implanted in freely behaving rodents. METHODS: We design a cavity resonator based wireless power transfer (WPT) system and utilize our previously developed optimal impedance matching methodology to achieve effective WPT performance for operating sophisticated implantable devices, made with miniature receive coils (<8 mm in diameter), within a large volume (dimensions: 60.96 cm × 60.96 cm × 30 cm). We provide unique cavity design and construction methods which maintains electromagnetic performance of the cavity while promoting its utility as a large animal husbandry environment. In addition, we develop a biaxial receive resonator system to address device orientation insensitivity within the cavity environment. Functionality is demonstrated with chronic experiments involving rats implanted with our custom designed bioelectric recording device. RESULTS: We demonstrate an average powering fidelity of 93.53% over nine recording sessions across nine weeks, indicating nearly continuous device operation for a freely behaving rat within the large cavity resonator space. CONCLUSION: We have developed and demonstrated a cavity resonator based WPT system for long term experiments involving freely behaving small animals. SIGNIFICANCE: This cavity resonator based WPT system offers an effective and simple method for wirelessly powering miniaturized devices implanted in freely moving small animals within the largest space.

Original publication




Journal article


IEEE Trans Biomed Eng

Publication Date





775 - 785


Animals, Electric Power Supplies, Electroencephalography, Energy Transfer, Equipment Design, Equipment Failure Analysis, Magnetics, Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems, Miniaturization, Monitoring, Ambulatory, Telemetry, Transducers, Wireless Technology