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Pulsed-field mapping of a number of DNA markers in the Pola-Zfx region of the mouse X chromosome has established a genomic restriction map extending over 1.4 Mb. A number of YAC clones from the Pola-Zfx region have been isolated from three mouse YAC libraries--first, a mouse C57BL/10 partial R1 YAC library constructed in a yeast strain carrying a rad52 mutation (Chartier et al. (1992) Nature Genetics 1: 132-136); second, a mouse C3H partial R1 library (Larin et al. (1991) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 88: 4123-4127); and third, a mouse C57BL/6 partial R1 library (Burke et al. (1991) Mamm. Genome 1:65). Six YAC clones encompass the Zfx-Pola region, confirming the linkage of the Pola and Zfx loci and establishing a physical map order in this region of cen-Pola-DXCrc140-DXCrc57-Zfx-tel. The close linkage of Pola and Zfx in the mouse genome suggests that the POLA and ZFX loci must also be closely linked on the human X chromosome.

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52 - 58


Animals, Base Sequence, Chromosome Walking, Chromosomes, Fungal, DNA-Binding Proteins, Electrophoresis, Gel, Pulsed-Field, Female, Gene Library, Genetic Markers, Genome, Human, Humans, Kruppel-Like Transcription Factors, Male, Mice, Mice, Inbred C3H, Mice, Inbred C57BL, Molecular Sequence Data, Restriction Mapping, Transcription Factors, X Chromosome