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© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015. Introduction: Inspired Sinewave is a novel technique to measure dead space, alveolar volume, pulmonary blood flow, and lung inhomogeneity noninvasively. It does not require patient effort and therefore can be applied to young children, elderly, and ventilated patients with ease. Method: In this paper, we describe a brief introduction to the principle of the technique, which involves forcing inspired concentrations to oscillate sinusoidally and measuring responding expired concentrations. Then, we give some updates to the recent developments of the device. These include comparison studies with body plethysmography for functional residual capacity measurement, and with echocardiography for cardiac output measurement. Result and discussion: The results show that the inspired sinewave technique achieves comparable accuracy and repeatability with the “gold standard” body plethysmography method with Conclusion: The success of these studies is a big step forward to make this novel device a useful clinical tool. The technology is patented and future work includes forming collaboration with an industry partner to bring the technology to commercialisation.

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83 - 86