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Evidence that the alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes in barley are specified by two genes, Adhl and Adh2 whose products (ADH1 and ADH2) associate by dimerization to give three isozyme sets, Set I (ADH1. ADH1 homodimer), Set II (ADH1. ADH2 heterodimer) and Set III (ADH2. ADH2 homodimer) is presented. Procedures for the induction and recovery of null activity mutants at the Adh1 locus are described. One such mutant, Adh1-M9, when homozygous results in the absence of Set I and Set II isozymes and in a decrease in the rate of induction of alcohol dehydrogenase activity caused by flooding. © 1982 The Genetical Society of Great Britain.

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187 - 195