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A taxonomic revision of Stenosiphonium Nees is provided. Morphological variation within the genus is documented, the relationship between Stenosiphonium and Strobilanthes Blume is discussed, and problems of species delimitation are resolved. Three species are recognized. Stenosiphonium cordifolium (Vahl) Alston is morphologically variable and is widespread throughout peninsular India and Sri Lanka. S. setosum T. Anderson and S. wightii Bremek. are restricted endemics from the southern Western Ghats, each known from very few herbarium collections. Both S. setosum and S. wightii are recognized as rare in accordance with IUCN criteria. There is evidence to suggest that all three species of Stenosiphonium are plietesial which may explain the paucity of herbarium collections of both S. setosum and S. wightii. The implications of a plietesial life history strategy for the assessment of the conservation status of these Species is considered. (C) 2000 The Linnean Society of London.

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Journal article


Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society

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101 - 128