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We have used recombinant clones derived from microdissection of the fragile X region to characterize breakpoints around the fragile site at Xq27.3. So far, no microdissection markers derived from Xq28 material have been found, thus allowing a rapid screening for clones surrounding the fragile site by their presence in a somatic cell hybrid containing Xq27.2-Xqter. A total of 43 new DNA markers from Xq27 have been sublocalized within this chromosome band. Of these new DNA markers, 5 lie in an interval defined as containing the fragile X region. The saturation of Xq27 with DNA markers by microdissection demonstrates the power of this technique and provides the resources for generating a complete physical map of the region.


Journal article



Publication Date





243 - 249


Blotting, Southern, Cell Line, Cloning, Molecular, Fragile X Syndrome, Genetic Markers, Humans, Mutation, Polymerase Chain Reaction, X Chromosome