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Copyright © 2020 The Cochrane Collaboration. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. The planned review outlined in this protocol was not converted into a full Cochrane Review within established timelines (it was superseded by the project noted in the previous published note below). The protocol was also found by the Cochrane Funding Arbiters, post-publication, to be noncompliant with the Cochrane conflict of interest policy, which includes the relevant parts of the Cochrane Commercial Sponsorship Policy. For these reasons the protocol has been withdrawn from the Cochrane Library by the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Review Group. Previous published note. March 2014. This review is one of a number of separate reviews examining head to head comparisons of antidepressants as part of the multiple Meta-Analyses of New Generation Antidepressants (MANGA) Study and Group of Researchers Investigating Specific Efficacy of individuaL Drugs for Acute depression (GRISELDA). These individual reviews have been combined in a multiple treatments meta-analysis (Cipriani 2009).

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