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Your forum to raise strategic issues affecting the future of Neuroscience research in Oxford

We are pleased to announce the formation of the new Oxford Neuroscience Committee. This builds on the success of the previous Neuroscience Strategic Oversight Committee chaired by Christopher Kennard.  The new committee will be chaired by Kia Nobre and will help coordinate the future strategy for Oxford Neuroscience to provide a world leading research environment based in first class facilities.  Its remit includes coordinating:  collaborative programs of research, major funding bids, key appointments, developing the talent pool and juxtaposing key groups to exploit research synergies.

The committee is built around the heads of the main neuroscience departments.  Additional key figures are being recruited to represent specific areas.


Kia Nobre (Chair) – Dept. of Experimental Psychology

Irene Tracey – Nuffield Dept. of Clinical Neurosciences

John Geddes - Dept. of Psychiatry

Andrew King – Dept. of Physiology Anatomy and Genetics (Representing David Patterson)

Nigel Emptage – Dept of Pharmacology


David Clark – Research Impact

Zoltan Molnar – History of Neuroscience

Matthew Rushworth - Cognitive Neuroscience

Kevin Talbot – Clinical Neurology

Kate Watkins – Athena Swan

Nicholas Irving (Secretary)


Additional people will be invited to represent other areas

The next meeting is scheduled for the 16th October.  The minutes will be made openly available online.

If there is an important matter you wish to have considered please email Nicholas Irving who is preparing the agenda with Kia Nobre.