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Oxford neuroscience researchers have featured widely on BBC Radio and TV in recent weeks. 

Martin Sixsmith’s new show “In search of ourselves” presents a history of psychology and seeks to understand what makes us think, feel and act the way we do.  The series has featured a host of Oxford researchers including: Miles Hewstone and David Clark (Experimental psychology), Tom Burns (Psychiatry) and Margaret Esiri (NDCN). A number of episodes are being transmitted this week

Experimental Psychology’s Jennifer Wild featured on the BBC One programme Vertigo Road Trip, broadcast on the 7th May, in which five people with an extreme fear of heights set off on a once-in-a lifetime adventure to cure their debilitating phobia.

The BBC Day of the Body Clock on the 14th May, explored 24 hours of the human body clock through 24 hours of BBC News. Today programme presenters Evan Davis and Sarah Montague took part in an experiment to monitor their sleep when they were presenting the programme and on their days off.  

The results were presented by Russell Foster who concluded that Evan was “chronically sleep deprived." The programme is available on the BBC iPlayer