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Brain Awareness Week 2019

It’s exam time: should you cram? Take part in the University of Oxford’s ‘Find the Brain’ game to find out!

Oxford Neuroscientists have designed this fun game to play on your phone, which will test whether cramming is successful, or whether learning something over a longer period of time produces a better outcome. Once downloaded you will be chosen either to take part in the quick learning, which is done in a single day, or for a week of learning, where you play the game every day.

Throughout 11-17 March, delve into more detail about how the brain learns. Find out how we can re-learn after stroke, how we learn during adolescence, and how sleep and exercise affect our learning. Get involved in Facebook Lives with researchers, follow their Twitter Takeovers, listen to podcasts and read about their latest work via 


Download the app:

For iphone:

For Android phones: 


Results will be revealed live from our MRI scanner on Friday 15 March at 3.00pm via

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