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After the application deadline in December, all complete applications will be reviewed by the members of the Organising Committee for the course. A shortlist will be drawn up and candidates invited for interview.

For the doctoral programme, interviews usually take place 3-4 weeks after the application deadline. All short-listed applicants will be asked to take part in a panel interview. For the MSc, interviews are also scheduled to take place about 3-4 weeks after the application deadline. Interviews will last for 30 minutes, and will begin with a 10 minute presentation based on a previous or current research project.

What happens after your interview?

If you are accepted

You will receive an email from the Course Lecturer offering you a place on the course. The offer will be dependent on fulfilment of any qualifying conditions set by the admissions panel. If you intend to accept the offer, please ensure that you inform the Course Lecturer in writing by the date given.

If you are rejected

You will receive an emailed letter about 2-3 weeks after the interviews have been completed.

If you are waitlisted

The admissions panel would like to offer you a place, but at this time the course is full. If a place subsequently becomes available then you will receive an offer. You will be notified that you are on the waiting list by the Course Lecturer

Applicants reconsidered for the MSc in Neuroscience

If your application for the 1+3 Doctoral Programme is not successful, we will still consider you for the MSc in Neuroscience, unless you let us know in your application that you do not want this. You will receive an email letting you know that your application for the Doctoral Programme has not been successful and asking you to confirm whether you still wish to be considered for the one year MSc alone.